COVID-19 Relief Charter

COVID 19 Donation Approach Statement

The SAME Jacksonville Post is spearheading a donation drive with individual and sustaining members, matching collections up to $10,000. Donations will go towards the Post two key demographics, students and veterans, in the form of the following causes; recommended split 80% for students, 20% for veterans:

  • New scholarships or supplements to existing scholarships (TBD)
  • Affiliated Student Chapters (UNF, UF)
  • K9 for Warriors
  • Five Star Veterans Center

Suggested minimum donations for Sustaining members are as follows:

  • Small Business (1-100 employees): $100
  • Medium Business (101-2,499 employees): $150
  • Large Business (2,500+ employees): $250

In parallel, the committee will pursue the search for a sister organization that may join in matching the contributions from SAME.

The committee will, upon approval by the O&D board, execute a campaign that will include at a minimum:

  • Kick off Activity at 20May20 SAME Meeting
  • Prominent Website add with donation link
  • Emails to all Post membership
  • Emails to Sustaining members
  • Announcements in the Post Newsletter
  • Follow up process with Sustaining members

The period for collection will be one month, starting on May 20, 2020 and finalizing on June 19, 2020.