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Today, as never before, our country needs the resources of our private sector as well as our governmental agencies for national emergencies.  Over the last decade, our country has experienced disasters that have placed a need on our federal and governmental agencies as never before.  Our State of Florida has had to cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, tornado’s, forest fires and an anthrax attack.  However, not until after the 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Center did our country grasp the need for local readiness response capabilities.  Our Sustaining Member firms and our members can be part of that much needed readiness response that will enable our country to survive the challenges we will face in the future.  Please see our Post’s Readiness Support Matrix on the following page(s) for Sustaining Member Firm information.

Additional information to support the Readiness of the community served by the Society of American Military Engineer's (SAME) Jacksonville Post is contained in our post’s "Operation Fast Start Plan”.  Our plan was developed in response to the Society’s commitment to come to the aid of governments and citizens in time of national emergencies, including natural, manmade disasters, military mobilization, and terrorist attacks.  It supports the charter of the National Security Council Document NSDD-47, which states in part:

“It is the policy of the United States to have an Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Capability that will ensure that government at all levels, in partnership with the private sector and the American people, can respond decisively and effectively to any major national emergency with the defense of the United States as first priority.”

Please see information about our Post’s Fast Start Plan on the following page(s).

Jacksonville Post Readiness & Homeland Security Committee

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