March 2019 Newsletter


Just One More...

Please consider inviting a colleague, friend or Young Member to join the Society of American Military Engineers or attend our luncheons. We would love to welcome new people into the Jacksonville Post family. Rates are very affordable and it is easy to join. Please have your friends click here to join.


April Luncheon Registration Now Open!

Our next Luncheon features David Conrad of Atkins speaking on "Resiliency and Mitigation of Critical and Essential Facilities for Natural Hazards: Planning, Design & Retrofit." Please sign up early so you can get entered into our Early Registration Raffle! For each day you register early, you get an entry into our raffle! Please note that pricing for Industry Members has dropped to $20, while pricing for Non-Members has been bumped up to $30. This is to encourage everyone to become members. Click here to sign up today!

What You Missed at Our March Luncheon

Lee Gerald of LG2 gave a great presentation on their work on the MCAS Cherry Point Living Shoreline. With MCA Cherry Point being susceptible to Hurricanes, being in North Carolina, they are looking for natural and sustainable approaches towards resilience. 

SAME JAX Post Vice President, Troy Hamilton, presenting Lee Gerald with an SAME JAX Post gift 


Early Bird Raffle Winner

Blake Ayala of Sustaining Member SEARCH won the Early Bird Registration Raffle after having registered for the March Luncheon 28 days in advance, thereby having 28 raffle entries amongst the 518 entries. Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc. (aka SEARCH) provides a single source for expert services in the fields of Archaeology, Maritime Archaeology, Architectural History, Historic Preservation, History, and Public Interpretation and Outreach.

Be sure to register early so you can win. Your company might just be featured in our next newsletter, too!


JETC is Coming Soon!

Just a quick reminder that JETC is right around the corner. The conference will be taking place May 7th - 9th in Tampa. Please be sure to register for this great event by visiting here.

UF Student Chapter News

After completing the final revisions to the Charter, the University of Florida Chapter of SAME is now officially a Student Organization in the eyes of the University of Florida's Student Activities and Involvement office! Thank you to the Charter President, Ryan McCoy, and all of the officers, for their hard work in getting the Chapter up and running. 

This month we also had USN Capt. Will Shafer (Ret) come speak with the students. Capt. Shafer gave a very interesting presentation on his experiences living in Antarctica, where he was stationed with the Navy overseeing the construction and maintenance of their nuclear power plant. Shafer went on to become the Capt. of the NAVFAC Public Works Division in D.C. and eventually became the Ast. Dean of the College of Engineering at UF. He and his wife are now retired in Gainesville at UF's retirement community, Oak Hammock. 

Young Member Field Trip - Lung BioEng Construction

Jessica Triolo, our Young Member Chair, did a great job arranging a Young Member fieldtrip of the Lung BioEng fieldtrip. This field trip was fascinating, as we learned that the shelf-life for lung tissue is very short, measured only by minutes. This facility will help prolong the shelf-life of lungs for transplants by artificially keeping them alive while in transport. The facility is set to be a Net-Zero facility, using low-voltage LED lighting, solar from the parking lots generating over a Megawatt of energy in addition to using Smart Glass to help control the sunlight and glare inside the building. To see more photos, please visit the photo gallery.

Other Events Happening

NCMA Reverse Trade Show, May 15th 9am - 12pm, UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center




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