NAVFAC SE Nov Luncheon Presentation

Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of NAS Jacksonville Runway

What only happens in Jacksonville every fifty years?

You shut down the runways at NAS Jacksonville, move all the Navy aircraft operating there to Cecil Airport and completely renovate the runways. On 18 November, SAME Jacksonville Post heard from the lead engineer responsible for putting together the project, Mr. Jeff Franks, Chief Civil Engineer, NAVFAC SE and the construction project manager, Lieutenant Jamie Wallace, Civil Engineer Corps, United States Navy.

Mr. Frank detailed the essence of completing the project planning on a runway which has evolved, sometimes in a piecemeal fashion, since its establishment as a Navy Runway in World War II. One end of the runway was constructed on unimproved dredge material making accurate estimating for materials difficult. As if that weren’t enough, the federal bureaucracy complicated the funding process of this project by funding it through four separate funding streams, including an energy conservation portion covering the replacement of the airfield lighting.

Once the project began, LT Wallace provided the government oversight of the project. Not unlike many construction projects this project encountered unforeseen conditions and coordination challenges. A detailed briefing was provided along with progress photos of the project.

This Jacksonville Post meeting was co-sponsored by the Construction Management Association of America, Mr. Doug McCutcheon Florida Chapter President.

View the NAS JAX Runway Repair project Luncheon Presentation here.